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Zentia Aruba Board (BP5460M) 600 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

£84.00 per box + VAT

  • 16 Tiles per box
  • 5.76m2 coverage per box
  • £14.72 per m2
Fine Fissured suspended ceiling tiles london
Zentia Fission FT Board (BP9120M) 1200 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

£91.00 per box + VAT

  • 10 Tiles per box
  • 7.20m2 coverage per box
  • £11.11 per m2
AMF Feinstratos Unperforated - Square Edge Ceiling Tile A - ceiling tiles london
Knauf AMF Thermatex Feinstratos Unperf. 600 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

£90.00 per box + VAT

  • 16 Tiles per box
  • 5.76m2 coverage per box
  • £15.63 per m2
British Gypsum Satin Spar Square edge Ceiling Tile - ceiling tiles london
British Gypsum Satin Spar (Wipeable) 600 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles (10/Box)

£50.00 per box + VAT

  • 10 Tiles per box
  • 3.6m2 coverage per box
  • £11.94 per m2


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Ceiling Tiles London AMF Ceiling Tile Brand

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Zentia Fission ND (BP9105M) Tegular 15mm x 600mm x 600mm (16)

Introducing the Zentia Fission ND (BP9105M) Tegular Suspended Ceiling Tile At Ceiling Tiles London, we're thrilled to introduce the Zentia Fission ND (BP9105M)...

Zentia Fission ND Board (BP9102M) 600 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

Zentia Fission ND Board (BP9102M) 600 x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles: A Comprehensive Guide At Ceiling Tiles London, we're passionate about providing top-notch...

History of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles may appear as a modern innovation to many, but their origins trace back further than you might think! As a professional contractor specializing...

Updated Ceiling Tiles Names

Recent Name Changes of various Ceiling Tiles There have been recent name change to some of your favorite ceiling tiles and the manufacturers. See below for details...

When to Consider Getting in a Suspended Ceiling Contractor

When to go Pro Ah, the classic British ceiling. It's not just a barrier between you and the upstairs neighbours' questionable music choices. It's an opportunity to...

Enhancing Lighting

Enhancing Lighting with Suspended Ceiling Tiles In London, a city where the weather is as unpredictable as a last-minute penalty in a football match. But, one thing...

Materials Used to Manufacture Ceiling Tiles

What they made of? Ah, London! A city known for its iconic red buses, the majestic Big Ben, and... ceiling tiles? That's right, mate! When it comes to suspended ceiling...

New Ceiling… Now What?

Choosing the Best Suspended Ceiling Tiles Ah, the quintessential British dilemma. Much like deciding whether the milk goes in before or after the tea, choosing the...

Fire-Resistance of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Guide to Fire-Resistant Suspended Ceiling Tiles Ah, the great British ceiling. Not as famous as our weather, but equally as important. Especially when it comes to...

Demystifying Suspended Ceiling Tiles

What They Are and Why You Need Them The humble ceiling. Often overlooked, but always overhead. Especially when it comes to suspended ceiling tiles. Whether you're a...

Breathing New Life Into Your Space.
The Pros of Suspended Ceiling Tiles!

Improved aesthetics: Suspended ceiling tiles, also know as “false ceiling tiles or false ceiling panels”, can improve the overall appearance of a room by hiding pipes, wires, and other unsightly features. They come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures, so you can choose tiles that match your decor and personal style. If there is ever damage or you feel like a change, replacement ceiling tiles are affordable and readily available. Bulk discounts are often available.

Sound absorption: Suspended ceiling tiles are designed with good acoustic properties to absorb sound, which can be particularly useful in large, open spaces or in rooms with high ceilings. This can help reduce echo and noise pollution, creating a more comfortable and pleasant environment.

Energy efficiency: Suspended ceiling systems can help to improve the energy efficiency of a building by reducing the volume of air that needs to be heated or cooled. This can lead to lower energy bills and a more sustainable building. They also make installing commercial lighting aloth easier.

Easy installation: Suspended ceiling tiles are relatively easy to install, and can be done by a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor. They can be installed quickly and without disrupting the normal operation of the room.

Easy maintenance: Suspended ceiling tiles are easy to maintain, as they can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. This can help to extend the life of the tiles and keep your ceiling looking fresh and new. Overall, installing suspended ceiling tiles can provide a range of benefits, including improved aesthetics, sound absorption, energy efficiency, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

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