Enhanced Acoustic and Hygienic Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Product Details

The Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Board (BP2549M) is a premium ceiling tile designed specifically for healthcare environments. These tiles are built to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and ensure a clean, hygienic space. The tiles measure 17mm in thickness and come in 600mm x 600mm dimensions, featuring a square-edge design for a sleek, modern look.

Key Features

  • Acoustic Performance: Delivers Class C sound absorption and sound attenuation performance of 36dB, making it ideal for quieting healthcare settings【4:13†source】.
  • Hygienic Coating: Coated to actively inhibit micro-organisms, providing an additional layer of infection control.
  • Water Repellent: Can be cleaned by wiping with a damp sponge, spray disinfectant, or by fogging, ensuring ease of maintenance.
  • Fire Safety: Classified to EN 13501-1 fire standard and rated A2-s1, d0, meaning it does not significantly contribute to fire load and growth【4:13†source】.
  • Sustainability: Contains up to 42% recycled content and is rated E1 for formaldehyde emissions, achieving Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certification Gold for low VOC emissions【4:13†source】.

Installation Information

Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Board can be easily installed into standard grid systems. For enhanced aesthetics, these tiles can be ordered with a Tegular15 edge detail, which conceals the metal grid and creates a shadow effect by positioning the tile below a 15mm ceiling grid【4:13†source】.


  • Enhanced Infection Control: The tiles support existing infection control measures by inhibiting the growth of harmful micro-organisms.
  • Noise Reduction: With Class C sound absorption, the tiles effectively reduce noise, creating a peaceful environment.
  • Sustainable Choice: Made from recycled materials and low in VOC emissions, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Their water-repellent properties ensure they are easy to clean and maintain.


Q1: Are Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Boards suitable for use in non-healthcare environments?
A: While designed for healthcare, these tiles can be used in any environment requiring high hygiene levels, such as laboratories and food preparation areas.

Q2: How often should the tiles be cleaned?
A: The cleaning frequency depends on the environment but can be easily cleaned using a damp sponge, spray disinfectant, or fogging.

Q3: Can these tiles be used in areas with high humidity?
A: Yes, Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Boards are water-repellent and can withstand cleaning and disinfection processes【4:13†source】.

Where These Tiles Can Be Used

Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Boards are perfect for:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Food preparation areas
  • Any environment requiring superior infection control and acoustic performance.


The Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Board (BP2549M) is a high-performance ceiling tile designed to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare environments. With excellent acoustic properties, an active anti-microbial coating, and sustainable credentials, it is an ideal solution for creating clean, quiet, and safe spaces.

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