Discover the Superior Performance of Rockfon Tropic-Alaska Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles are an epitome of quality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Available in various sizes and configurations, these ceiling tiles stand out as the optimal choice for a wide range of environments, including offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Product Details

  • Brand Name: Rockfon
  • Product Name: Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 1200 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles
  • Material: Stone wool tile
  • Surface: Smooth white painted fleece on the visible side and back fleece on the rear side. Painted edges ensure a refined finish.

Key Features

  1. Sound Absorption
    • Highest Class A sound absorption, ideal for creating quiet and comfortable indoor environments.
  2. Fire Resistance
    • Reaction to fire: A1 (EN 13501-1)
    • Some sizes and edge details provide 30 and/or 60 minutes fire protection when used with specific Chicago Metallic grids and Rockfon systems【4:0†source】.
  3. Light Reflection
    • Light reflection and diffusion at 86% enhance ambient lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving energy【4:0†source】.
  4. Humidity and Sag Resistance
    • Dimensionally stable even at 100% relative humidity and can withstand temperatures from 0°C to 40°C, ensuring long-lasting performance【4:0†source】【4:13†source】.
  5. Hygiene
    • Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms, making it a hygienic option for various settings【4:0†source】.
  6. Sustainability
    • Fully recyclable, contributing to eco-friendly building practices【4:0†source】.
  7. Certifications
    • Products have been awarded the Finnish M1 emission classification and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products【4:0†source】.

Installation Information

Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles are easy to install with a variety of grid systems. They are available in semi-concealed and visible grid options, providing flexibility to meet different design requirements. Certification ensures compatibility with multiple installation systems, making the installation process straightforward and efficient.


  • Enhanced Acoustics
    • The highest Class A sound absorption significantly reduces noise levels, improving the overall acoustic comfort.
  • Fire Safety
    • Certified fire resistance offers an added layer of protection, enhancing building safety.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • High light reflectance rates contribute to better illumination, reducing energy costs associated with lighting.
  • Durability
    • Designed to resist sagging and maintain stability under extreme humidity, temperature, and cleaning conditions.
  • Health and Hygiene
    • Due to its resistance to microorganisms, the tile is ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount.


1. What are the dimensions of Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles?

  • These tiles are available in 1200 x 600mm dimensions with a square edge design.

2. Are these ceiling tiles suitable for high humidity areas?

  • Yes, Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles are dimensionally stable even at 100% relative humidity.

3. Can these tiles help with noise reduction?

  • Absolutely, they offer the highest Class A sound absorption, which is excellent for noise reduction.

4. What kind of fire resistance do these tiles offer?

  • They have a Reaction to Fire rating of A1 and can provide up to 60 minutes of fire protection with the appropriate grid systems.

5. Are Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles environmentally friendly?

  • Yes, they are fully recyclable and have low emission certifications, making them an eco-friendly choice.


Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles can be used in a variety of environments:

  • Offices and Workspaces: Enhances acoustics and lighting, creating a comfortable working environment.
  • Educational Institutions: Ideal for classrooms and lecture halls due to their sound absorption properties.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Their hygienic properties make them suitable for hospitals and clinics.
  • Commercial Spaces: Perfect for retail stores and conference rooms where aesthetics and functionality are crucial.


Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles combine superior acoustic performance, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal making them a versatile choice for numerous applications. Their durability and hygienic properties ensure that they perform well in high-demand environments while contributing to energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

For more detailed information, visit the Rockfon Tropic page or check the product PDF.

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