Discover the Rockfon Tropic-Alaska Ceiling Tiles for Superior Acoustic and Fire Performance

Product Details

The Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 1800 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles are a top-tier choice for any building that requires high-quality acoustic solutions and fire safety. These tiles, produced by Rockfon, offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional performance, making them suitable for a variety of environments such as offices, classrooms, retail spaces, and leisure facilities.

Product Name: Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 1800 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles
Manufacturer: Rockfon
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Installation Partner: TPLS Interiors

Key Features

  • Acoustic Performance: Highest Class A sound absorption.
  • Fire Safety: Reaction to fire classification A1 (EN 13501-1); can be used with specific grids for up to 60 minutes of fire protection according to BS 476.
  • Material Composition: Made from stone wool, providing high levels of dimensional stability and humidity resistance.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Smooth white painted fleece surface can be easily cleaned using a vacuum.
  • Environmental Certifications: Awarded the Finnish M1 emission classification and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products.
  • Light Reflection and Diffusion: 86% light reflection, enhancing lighting efficiency in rooms.

Installation Information

Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 ceiling tiles are designed for easy installation within a variety of grid systems, including semi-concealed and visible grid options. These tiles are dimensionally stable up to 100% humidity and can be installed in environments ranging from 0°C to 40°C.


  • Acoustics: The highest Class A sound absorption ensures noise control, making these tiles ideal for environments where sound quality is critical.
  • Fire Protection: Provides up to 60 minutes of fire resistance when used with compatible grids, enhancing building safety.
  • Durability: Stone wool composition ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to sagging, even in high humidity.
  • Hygiene: The non-organic composition of stone wool does not support the growth of microorganisms.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Smooth and clean white finish enhances the visual appearance of any space.
  • Environmental Impact: Fully recyclable, contributing to sustainable building practices.


Q1: What are the dimensions of the Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 ceiling tiles?
A1: The tiles are 1800 x 600mm with a square edge.

Q2: Can these tiles be used in high humidity environments?
A2: Yes, they are stable up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed in environments with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C【4:1†source】.

Q3: How do these tiles contribute to fire safety?
A3: They have a reaction to fire classification of A1 according to EN 13501-1, and can be used to create up to 60 minutes of fire protection when installed with specific grids and systems【4:1†source】.

Q4: Are these tiles easy to clean?
A4: Yes, the visible side has a smooth white painted fleece surface that can be easily cleaned with a vacuum【4:1†source】.

Q5: What environmental certifications do these tiles have?
A5: They have been awarded the Finnish M1 emission classification and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products, ensuring they meet high standards for indoor air quality【4:1†source】.

Suitable Applications

The Rockfon Tropic-Alaska ceiling tiles are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Offices: Ideal for creating quiet and comfortable workspaces.
  • Educational Institutions: Enhance acoustic environments in classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Retail Spaces: Improve customer experience with superior sound control and lighting.
  • Leisure Facilities: Ideal for gyms, sports halls, and entertainment venues for better noise management.


Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 1800 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles are an exceptional choice for any project requiring high acoustic performance, fire safety, and a clean, professional aesthetic. Their ease of installation, durability, and environmental certifications make them an ideal solution for modern building needs.

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