Discover the Excellence of Rockfon Tropic-Alaska Ceiling Tiles

Product Details

The Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 600 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles are an impeccable choice for modern interiors seeking an acoustic solution along with a sleek look. These tiles are ideal for a variety of settings, including offices, educational buildings, healthcare facilities, and commercial spaces.

Key Features

  • High Sound Absorption: The tiles offer the highest Class A sound absorption, ensuring minimal interference from ambient noise.
  • Fire Safety: Reaction to fire classified as A1 according to EN 13501-1. Specific sizes and edge details can achieve 30 or 60 minutes fire protection with Chicago Metallic grids in accordance with BS 476 Part 21 and Part 23.
  • Light Reflectance: High light reflection and diffusion at 86%, contributing to bright and energy-efficient interiors.
  • Humidity and Sag Resistance: These tiles are dimensionally stable even at humidity levels up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed at temperatures from 0°C to 40°C without visible deflection.
  • Hygienic: Made of stone wool which does not provide sustenance to microorganisms, ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment.
  • Indoor Environment Certifications: Selected products have received the Finnish M1 emission classification and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products【4:0†source】【4:5†source】【4:6†source】.

Installation Information

Rockfon Tropic-Alaska tiles are designed for easy installation with semi-concealed and visible grid options. They can be cleaned effortlessly with a vacuum, making them a practical choice for maintaining long-term aesthetics and functionality.


  • Acoustic Excellence: The Class A sound absorption ensures effective noise control, improving acoustics in busy settings like offices and schools.
  • Fire Protection: Enhanced fire safety features provide peace of mind in compliance with stringent safety standards.
  • Durability: High resistance to humidity and sagging ensures longevity and sustained performance, even in fluctuating environmental conditions.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: The non-porous stone wool composition prevents microbial growth, supporting a healthier indoor environment.
  • Energy Efficiency: High light reflectance helps in reducing artificial lighting needs, contributing to energy savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can Rockfon Tropic-Alaska tiles be used in high humidity areas?

  • Yes, these tiles are dimensionally stable at 100% relative humidity and can be used in environments with high moisture levels without sagging or warping.

Q2: What type of fire rating do these tiles have?

  • Rockfon Tropic-Alaska tiles have a reaction to fire rating of A1 according to EN 13501-1. They can also provide 30 or 60 minutes of fire protection with the appropriate grid systems.

Q3: Are the tiles easy to clean?

  • Absolutely. The smooth, white painted fleece surface can be easily cleaned with a vacuum, ensuring maintenance of a pristine appearance over time.

Q4: Do these tiles contribute to a healthier indoor environment?

  • Yes, the stone wool material does not support microbial growth and the tiles are certified for low emissions, contributing to a healthier indoor air quality.

Q5: What settings are these tiles best suited for?

  • These versatile tiles are ideal for office spaces, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and commercial environments where sound absorption, fire safety, and aesthetic appeal are paramount.

Usage and Summary

Rockfon Tropic-Alaska A15/A24 600 x 600mm Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles are perfect for enhancing the functional and aesthetic qualities of various interiors. Whether used in a corporate office, a healthcare facility, or an educational institution, these tiles offer exceptional sound absorption, fire protection, and a clean, bright appearance. Their easy installation and low maintenance further add to their appeal, making them a top choice for architects and facility managers aiming to create optimal indoor environments.

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