Discover Zentia Biobloc Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for Enhanced Infection Control


Maintaining a pristine, infection-controlled environment is crucial in healthcare facilities. The Zentia Biobloc (previously Bioguard) Acoustic Board BP2550M is designed to meet the stringent demands of such settings. These ceiling tiles are more than just a surface; they actively contribute to a cleaner, quieter, and safer environment.

Product Details

Key Features

  • Infection Control: Biobloc Acoustic ceiling panels are coated to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, complementing existing infection control measures.
  • Cleanability: These tiles are water-repellent and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp sponge, spray disinfectant, or fogging.
  • Acoustic Performance: Class C sound absorption and sound attenuation performance of 36dB.
  • Fire Safety: Classified to EN 13501-1 fire standard, rated A2-s1,d0.
  • Sustainability: Contains up to 42% recycled content and meets Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standards for low VOC emissions.
  • Edge Detail Options: Available with both Square Edge and Tegular15 edge details for aesthetic flexibility.

Installation Information

Biobloc Acoustic ceiling tiles are designed for suspended ceiling grid systems and can be installed with either Square Edge or Tegular15 edge details. The Tegular15 edge design partially conceals the metal ceiling grid, creating a shadowed effect that adds visual depth and sophistication. For expert installation services, consider our partner TPLS Interiors.


  • Enhanced Hygiene: The anti-microbial coating ensures a cleaner surface, crucial for healthcare environments.
  • Excellent Acoustic Properties: Improves sound absorption, creating a quieter and more serene space.
  • Fire-Resistant: Does not significantly contribute to fire load and growth, enhancing overall safety.
  • Eco-Friendly: High recycled content and low VOC emissions support green building standards.


1. What is the Zentia Biobloc Acoustic Board best used for?

Zentia Biobloc Acoustic Boards are ideal for use in healthcare environments where there is an average to severe risk of infection. They can be installed in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical facilities.

2. How do I clean these ceiling tiles?

These tiles can be cleaned with a damp sponge and a spray disinfectant, or through fogging. They are water-repellent and designed to withstand regular cleaning protocols.

3. What makes the Tegular15 edge detail special?

The Tegular15 edge is cut at 90-degree angles, positioning the ceiling tile below a 15mm ceiling grid. This design partially conceals the grid, creating a shadowed effect that enhances the visual appeal of the ceiling.

4. Are these tiles environmentally friendly?

Yes, Biobloc Acoustic ceiling tiles contain up to 42% recycled content and are rated E1 for formaldehyde emissions. They also achieve Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification for low VOC emissions.

5. What kind of sound performance can I expect from these tiles?

These tiles deliver Class C sound absorption and sound attenuation performance of 36dB, enhancing the acoustic environment of any space they are installed in.

Suitable Applications

Zentia Biobloc Acoustic Boards are perfect for healthcare environments, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. They are designed to complement existing infection control measures, making them an essential component of modern, hygienic healthcare facilities. Additionally, their excellent acoustic properties make them suitable for other environments where sound control is crucial.

In summary, Zentia Biobloc Acoustic Boards are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance infection control, acoustic performance, and fire safety in their ceiling solutions. With their sustainable design and flexible edge options, these tiles offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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