Discover the Versatility of Zentia Fission Board Ceiling Tiles

Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional performance, making them a top-choice for various commercial and industrial settings. Here’s what you need to know about these versatile suspended ceiling tiles.

Product Details

Current Product Name: Zentia Fission Board (BP952M)
Previous Product Name: Zentia Tatra

Dimensions: 1200 x 600 mm
Edge Detail: Square Edge
Material: Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption Class: D
Sound Attenuation (Dnfw): 34 dB
Fire Reaction (EN 13501-1): A2-s1,d0
Humidity Resistance (RH): 70%
Light Reflectance: 82%
Recycled Content: 51%

Key Features

  • Durability: Offers a robust and reliable option for various environments.
  • Acoustic Performance: Provides balanced sound absorption and attenuation, ensuring a quieter environment.
  • Fire Safety: Classified as A2-s1,d0 under EN 13501-1, indicating superior fire resistance.
  • Sustainability: Made with 51% recycled content, promoting environmental responsibility.
  • Reflectivity: High light reflectance of 82%, enhancing the brightness of interiors.

Installation Information

Installing Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles is straightforward. These tiles are designed for easy handling and quick installation using a standard suspended ceiling grid. The square edges of the tiles fully expose the grid, creating a clean and uniform look throughout your space.

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  • Improved Acoustics: Ideal for reducing noise levels in busy environments such as offices and classrooms.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The classic fissured pattern and high reflectance provide a bright and clean appearance.
  • Enhanced Safety: The excellent fire reaction rating offers peace of mind in compliance with safety regulations.
  • High Durability: Suitable for environments with up to 70% relative humidity, making it a versatile choice for different conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly: Utilizing 51% recycled content aligns with sustainability goals and reduces environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the dimensions of the Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles?

Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles measure 1200 x 600 mm.

2. Can these ceiling tiles be used in high humidity environments?

These tiles have a humidity resistance of up to 70%, making them suitable for a variety of indoor settings, but not for extremely high humidity areas like swimming pools or showers.

3. Are Zentia Fission Board tiles fire-resistant?

Yes, they have a fire reaction classification of A2-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1, which means they are highly resistant to fire.

4. What is the sound absorption class of Zentia Fission Board tiles?

These tiles are classified as Sound Absorption Class D.

5. Do these ceiling tiles contribute to sustainable building practices?

Absolutely. They are made with 51% recycled content and are 100% recyclable, supporting sustainable building initiatives.


Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles are ideally suited for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Offices: Enhances acoustic comfort and lighting efficiency.
  • Educational Facilities: Provides a conducive learning environment by improving speech intelligibility and reducing noise levels.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Meets safety and hygiene standards while offering a clean and bright appearance.
  • Retail Spaces: Enhances customer experience through improved acoustics and ambient lighting.
  • Industrial Settings: Robust and durable, suitable for challenging environments.


Zentia Fission Board ceiling tiles offer a balanced combination of durability, acoustic performance, and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for various commercial and industrial applications. With easy installation and maintenance, these tiles provide an efficient solution that aligns with sustainability goals and enhances the overall environment.

For more information, visit the Zentia Fission Board product page on Ceiling Tiles London or refer to the manufacturer’s page.

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