Enhance Your Space with Zentia Fission FT Ceiling Tiles

Product Overview

The Zentia Fission FT Board BP9121M is a high-quality suspended ceiling tile designed to meet varied architectural and acoustic needs. Previously known under the names Fine Fissured and Colortone Fine Fissured, this product features a sleek, non-directional fissured pattern, available in both white and black finishes. The 600mm x 600mm square edge tiles are perfect for those in search of functional and aesthetically pleasing ceiling solutions.

Key Features

  • Dimension: 600mm x 600mm
  • Edge Detail: Square edge
  • Pattern: Ultra-fine, non-directional fissured
  • Acoustic Performance: Class C sound absorption, Dnfw 34dB
  • Fire Rating: EN 13501-1, A2-s1,d0
  • Cleanability: Suitable for dry cloth and soft brush cleaning
  • Humidity Resistance: Up to 95% RH
  • Light Reflectance: 85%
  • Environmental Impact: Composed of 51% recycled content

Installation Information

Zentia Fission FT ceiling tiles are designed for easy installation in standard suspended ceiling grids. Their flat, square edges ensure a seamless fit, fully exposing the ceiling grid structure which enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.


  • Acoustic Properties: The tiles provide effective sound absorption, crucial for reducing noise levels in busy environments.
  • Fire Safety: Rated A2-s1,d0 under the EN 13501-1 standard, ensuring low contribution to fire growth.
  • High Light Reflectance: With an 85% light reflectance rating, these tiles help to maximise natural light, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to energy savings.
  • Durability: The tiles are highly resistant to humidity and can be cleaned easily, making them suitable for a variety of settings including offices, educational institutions, and commercial spaces.
  • Sustainable Choice: Manufactured from 51% recycled materials, contributing to sustainable building practices.


1. What is the sound absorption class of Zentia Fission FT tiles?

  • Zentia Fission FT tiles fall under Class C for sound absorption, making them an excellent choice for spaces where noise control is important.

2. Can these tiles be used in high-humidity areas?

  • Yes, they have a humidity resistance of up to 95% RH, which makes them suitable for use in areas with high humidity levels.

3. How do I clean Zentia Fission FT ceiling tiles?

  • These tiles can be cleaned using a dry cloth or a soft brush, ensuring they remain looking their best over time.

4. Are Zentia Fission FT tiles environmentally friendly?

  • Absolutely. These tiles contain 51% recycled content and are fully recyclable, aligning with sustainable building practices.

5. What are the fire safety standards for this product?

  • The Zentia Fission FT tiles are rated A2-s1,d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard, which means they have a low contribution to fire growth and spread.

Suitable Applications

Zentia Fission FT ceiling tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of environments, including:

  • Offices: Enhances acoustic comfort and reduces noise pollution, making it ideal for open-plan offices.
  • Educational Institutions: Helps in creating a conducive learning environment by minimizing distractions.
  • Retail Spaces: Adds to the aesthetic appeal while also improving the acoustic quality of the space.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Meets stringent fire safety standards and supports a clean, hygienic environment.
  • Commercial Areas: Durable and easy to maintain, perfect for high-traffic areas.


Zentia Fission FT ceiling tiles offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, acoustic performance, and sustainability. Available in both white and black finishes, these tiles are designed for easy installation and maintenance. With superior sound absorption, humidity resistance, and fire safety ratings, Zentia Fission FT tiles are a reliable choice for various settings. They provide an eco-friendly solution that enhances the functionality and appearance of any interior space.

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